"Jessi Trauth personifies Roxie. She's petite and cute, and her characterization large and brash. Trauth, who dazzles on stage, creates a magnificent mix of sweet, manipulative, wily and dumber than a box of rocks. Trauth's puppet performance with lawyer Billy Flynn is a standout, in a show with numerous sensational moments. It's a beautifully animated ballet of sorts, exquisitely executed — like her entire performance."

     - Jeanné McCartin, Seacoast Online

"Trauth’s talents as an actress and dancer captivate the audience."

​     - WireNH.com

"Trauth is passionate, confident and outspoken as a performer."
     - Alexandra Hamilton, The Gainesville Sun

"Jessi Trauth stands so erect you could follow the line of her spine into infinity... this ingenue, this Hollywood movie character, this Gene Kelly girl."

     - Missoula Independent